Dog Walking Tips

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Dog Walking Tips

Dog Walking Tips

Are you a new dog owner looking for some helpful dog walking tips? Maybe you have had a dog for some time, but you don’t go on walks much because of a busy schedule.

But did you know that walking your dog every day improves their physical and mental health and provides chances for behavioural training and socialization? On top of that, it provides you with the opportunity to bond with your beloved furry friend.

Given the benefits of walking for dogs, it’s time you should take your pup out on a walk every day. If your dog feels quickly exhausted during a walk, it might be having a health issue. Be sure to bring your pet to our veterinary clinic in Dundas for a thorough examination.

Dog Walking Tips

For a great dog walking experience, all you need is a bit of motivation and the following dog walking tips.

Use a Front Harness Clip

Maybe you took your dog out for a walk but ended up having a tug-of-war with the animal? This might be the result of using a harness with back clips. Using leashes with a front harness clip will help pull your dog from the front towards you. And in doing so, you can easily prevent the dog from pulling harder in the opposite direction and have better control over your fur fellow.

Don’t Use Retractable Leashes for Dog Walks

It is a good idea to use a traditional leash for your everyday dog walks. Retractable leashes are somewhat ineffective as they make it hard to keep your beloved pet in control. This tip is crucial for dogs that have a habit of pulling.

Avoid Long Walks for Small Dogs

While it’s good to walk your dog every day, you should have a time limit set for new pups. This is because they don’t have much endurance when they are little. For a puppy that’s two months old, consider getting started with 10 minutes of walking daily. Feel free to increase the time gradually as your puppy grows older and becomes more mature.

Let Your Dog Sniff Around

While you might find your dog’s sniffing episodes tedious, it is necessary for them since it helps with mental stimulation. Remember that dogs make sense of the world around them by sniffing and their sense of smell is as crucial for them as their eyesight. For these reasons, it makes sense to let your dog sniff around freely as it can help them feel happy and secure.

Stick to a Waking Routine

Having a routine is as essential for dogs as it is for humans. Try to take them out on walks at the same time every day. But try to take different routes and take them to new places often. Doing so will help your pet understand what to expect and what is expected of them when they go out. It will also help them stay calm and behave nicely.

What to Bring on a Dog Walk

Following are a few essentials that you should carry during a dog walk:

  • Extra poop bags. Always pick your dog’s poop up.
  • A water bottle. Dogs can get dehydrated quickly.
  • A toy that you can throw around for your pet to fetch.
  • A jacket to keep your pump warm in cold weather conditions.

Offer High-Value Treats

New dog owners might find it hard to get their dogs to behave in public. But with the proper treats, it becomes pretty easy to have your dog act friendly. You need to know the appropriate time to reward them with the treat they like. Avoid treating them on demand as doing so can make them more impatient and restless. Give them a treat when they have done something right to reinforce good behaviour only.

Identification Tag

One of the most critical dogs walking tips is getting your dog microchipped or tagged with identity information. In case your beloved pet gets lost, the information on the chip will ensure a quick reunion. Having your name and number on the dog’s collar would also be helpful. Head over to your nearest vet clinic to get your pet microchipped.

Make The Most Out of Your Next Walk

The most common factor that can ruin your dog’s walk include:

  • Not letting your dog sniff around: Dogs make sense of their surroundings by sniffing. So, make sure you allow them plenty of time to sniff around to feel safe and happy.
  • Rushing bathroom breaks: Let your dog take time to choose a place for relieving themselves. That’s because the smell of their urine is one of the ways they communicate with their fellow dogs.
  • Pulling on the leash too much: Excessively pulling on the leash is frustrating for dogs and will make them pull harder in the opposite direction.


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