Keep Your Pets Safe While Driving

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Keep Your Pets Safe While Driving

Your furry friend is an integral part of your family. You probably don’t want to leave them alone at home while you go for a drive, but you need to be prepared. Keeping your pet unrestrained in the car seat isn’t safe, and they could be seriously injured in an accident. Most vehicles do not have a seat and seat belt designed for pets, so you have to make the arrangements for their safety.

Here’re some tips to keep your pets safe while driving:

Dog Harness Seat Belt

Just like everyone else in the car, your pup needs to buckle up too. But the regular seatbelt wouldn’t work well for your furry friend. The good news is that there’s a trick to go around this limitation.

Here’s how: Plug the loop present at the back of the harness strap into the seat belt. Next, click the seat belt like usual. It will confine your dog into one position. Most of the safety harnesses go well with most types of seat belts. However, the harnesses are available in different styles. It is a good idea to choose one with a comfy chest piece and wide strap.

A Strong Crate or Kennel

You could also use a crate as a carrier for your dog during the journey. But make sure to buy a crate or kennel that suits your dog’s size and movement. The kennel should have sufficient room for your dog to move and stand up. Ideally, it should have a proper ventilation system with soft bedding as a plus.

Dog Guard or Barrier

Installing a special barrier between the backseat and the front seat or cargo seat can effectively restrain your pet. The barrier keeps the pet from moving around and prevents them from being thrown forward due to a sudden break or stop.

Take Your Pet on Short Trips First

If you’re planning to take your pet on their first long journey, consider taking them on short trips first so they can get accustomed to car rides. Not doing so can overwhelm the animal during their first long trip. Also, gradually increase the distance of your short trips before embarking on the final long journey.

Feed Your Pet Before the Start of the Journey

It is good to feed your dog before the start of your journey because doing so helps prevent motion sickness. It also keeps the dog relaxed and satisfied. However, be sure to pack enough pet food and water for the trip so that you don’t have to buy pet food from an unfamiliar source while travelling. Also, stop your car for a while when feeding your pup during the journey.

Carry a Pet Travel Kit

Make sure to carry your pet’s travel kit because that can make the trip much more manageable. And while packing a travel kit for your canine friend, don’t forget to keep his first-aid kit just in case. Besides, put other essentials like medications, vaccination records, a waste bag, and a scoop in the travel kit.

Medical and Vaccination Records

It is crucial to keep your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date and carry her medical records while travelling. And before hitting the road, do a little research about vet clinics on or near the route you’ll be taking. This comes as a great help in case your pet experiences any health issues during the journey.

Consult a Vet in Dundas

Bring your pet to our vet clinic in Dundas if they are experiencing any health issues or want to get them examined before a long journey. Our highly qualified vets will also provide you with valuable tips to ensure your fur baby remains healthy and safe during long trips.

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