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Healthy teeth make healthy pets. Often ignored, poor oral health can lead to long-term and irreversible negative impacts on your pet’s health. Proper oral care and scheduled dental services at your local veterinarian will play a critical role in your dog or cat’s overall health.

If you’re wondering how to get your pet’s teeth examined and if a detailed cleaning is required, feel free to reach out to our animal hospital. At Governors Road Animal Hospital, we provide advanced dental care to remove plaque and protect your pet’s against periodontal disease. Our team will help provide a proper oral care regime to reduce necessary visits to the vet clinic.

When to book an appointment?

Pets generally don’t show painful teeth or swollen gum line symptoms because their pain threshold is relatively high. But, that doesn’t mean their teeth are okay; there might be a severe periodontal condition going on in your cat or dog’s mouth without you knowing. We always recommend pet parents to schedule a dentistry appointment at least once a year, starting when your pet is a puppy or kitten. But after a dog or cat enters adulthood, it’s even more crucial to get their teeth examined. If your pet is diagnosed with a specific oral condition, be sure to follow your vet’s instructions about the visits. Other than that, once or twice a year will suffice.

Signs of poor oral health in pets

If you can’t make time for annual or biannual dentistry appointments, look out for the following symptoms in your pet:

Tooth Loss

When a dog or cat has oral infections, swollen gums, or weak jaws, it indicates an imminent tooth loss. If your pet is also losing teeth (or you notice some crooked teeth), it’s a sign you must reach out to an expert veterinarian as soon as possible.

Plaque Buildup

Plaque isn’t only bad for a pet’s oral health, but it also attracts bacteria that can damage other vital organs, such as kidneys. If your cat or dog has extra yellow teeth, please consider visiting our animal hospital. We’ll examine the plaque’s severity and recommend the best treatment.

Bad Breath

No one likes stinky breath but it could indicate deeper issues such as poor oral or gastrointestinal health. Get your pet examined now to know what’s causing the problem.

Dental Services

Beyond standard dental cleanings, our veterinary clinic is equipped to handle a range of specialized dental services for your pets. We have anesthesia machines specifically for pets, which allows us to effectively carry out services, without causing any discomfort.

Digital Dental X-Rays

The right treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis, and at our veterinary clinic, we go a long way toward making sure your pet’s condition is diagnosed correctly. We have the advanced digital dental X-Ray equipment that helps our vets pinpoint your pet’s dental problems. Our expert X-Ray technicians and vets collectively ensure that your cat or dog gets the best dental treatment.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can be painful and challenging. Our experience, equipment and process will serve to reduce discomfort. We use advanced tools and best practices to ensure that your cat or dog goes home comfortably. We also provide easy-to-follow healing guidelines to ease the recovery process for your furry companion.

Lump & Tumour Removal

Oral tumours and lumps are quite common in pets, which can become life-threatening if left untreated. GRAH specializes in oral cavity lump removal, ensuring your pet is always safe from serious diseases. Bring your pet to Governors Road Animal Hospital for a detailed oral examination and the best treatment. Our veterinarians will ensure the right solution for your pet’s dental health.

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