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Our pets will not stay with us forever; like humans, they are destined to pass away when their time comes. Saying goodbye to your beloved furry companion is undoubtedly a painful experience. At Governors Road Animal Hospital, we understand the impact of losing a lifelong companion and how emotional it can be to bid them farewell. Our primary focus in these final stages of their life is to reduce suffering and minimize pain.

When is it time to start considering the transition into end of life veterinary care? Well, that depends on your pet’s health situation. In most cases age is the simple cause, and your pet is approaching the final stages of it’s joyous life. In some cases, a terminal illness could be causing your pet pain and difficulty. If your pet’s quality of life is deteriorating, and you notice signs of behavioural and physical discomfort or distress, it is time to consider the next steps.

How to Handle Euthanasia?

After exhausting any potential treatment options, if your pet appears to be in pain, you will need to bring them to the veterinary clinic for a health diagnosis. If an assessment of your pet’s condition does not suggest any improvements in their health or your pet fails to respond to treatment, euthanasia is the best course of action. The process involves the delivery of sedatives, followed by the careful administration of the euthanizing medication to the animal. The animal slips into an unconscious slumber before the drug is administered and humanely puts the animal’s life to a conclusion.

Euthanasia offers the suffering animal a painless way to pass away, without discomfort. Our veterinarians take special care to ensure the procedure is carried out as smoothly as possible. Pet owners can stay at their companion’s side during most end of life procedures if they would like.

Pet MEmorial Services

You have a close attachment with your pet, and we understand that their departure may leave a hole in your heart. But remember that your pet’s life needs to be celebrated, cherished, and reflected in the best of ways. In collaboration with Gateway Pet Memorial Services, we also provide owners with an array of memorial services and products to come to terms with their loss and to commemorate the life of their beloved furry friends. Along with cremation services, the memorial services preserve the pet’s life in our memories for the rest of our lives.

Whether the departure of your pet was expected or not, the team at Governors Road Animal Hospital is here to support you through every step.

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