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When pets eat the right food, they live a healthier and happier life. Many pet owners struggle to maintain a balanced nutrition plan for their dogs and cats, especially long-term. If you’re in the same boat, Governors Road Animal Hospital Ontario has you covered.

With expert pet nutritionists on board, we can provide the best diet advice for your cats and dogs. Whether your pet is underweight, overweight (and even if they’re perfectly healthy), consult GRAH to determine the right nutritional plan and provide guidance on meal and treat choices.

Consult a Pet Nutrition Expert

Many pet owners don’t consider visiting a veterinarian for diet-related issues unless their fur fellow is sick. However, evaluating a pet’s food plan is as vital as vaccinating the pet; both contribute towards a long, healthy life. At our animal hospital in Dundas, we’re committed to helping you control your pet’s weight, strengthen their bones, and sport a healthy coat of fur with the right diet choices.

The Importance of Pet Nutrition

Many adverse health conditions can develop in pets that don’t follow the right diet. Nutritional deficiencies can have long-term impacts on your dog or cat’s overall well-being. Weight significantly impact their lifestyle. If your feline fellow has gained some pounds; chances are something is wrong with their diet. Poor diet choices can also lead to weaker bones, low blood sugar levels, and teeth problems.

When your pet’s dietary needs are met, it will help them live an active lifestyle. A specialized meal plan can also reduce symptoms from underlying health conditions. For example, when a cat or dog is diabetic, you cannot stick to an off-the-shelf pet diet. Similarly, obese and underweight pets need a targeted diet to meet their nutritional needs. When such situations arise, Governors Road Animal Hospital is here to help you out. Our veterinarians are experts in pet nutrition and will examine your pet to provide a tailored nutrition plan.

Why Choose Us?

Governors Road Animal Hospital has a team of experienced veterinarians dedicated to ensuring your pets’ overall health. We treat your pets like our own and provide the best possible advice and solutions for their well-being. Visit us for guidance on formulating the right diet for your pet.

Tailored Diet Plans

There is not a standard food plan that suits all pets. Some pets might have medical conditions like allergies, and others might be struggling with weight issues. Whatever the case is, our veterinary clinic has you covered. We can build a nutritional plan that matches your pet’s health conditions and provide them with complete nutrition. Similarly, if you need an opinion on the food plan you already follow, we’re happy to help. We prioritize your pet’s health and comfort above all; visit us and see for yourself.

Expert Veterinarians

While visiting an animal hospital, it is essential that the veterinarians are experienced, compassionate and equipped with the right tools. Governors Road Animal Hospital complies with all Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) standards to provide high-quality and compassionate care for your pets.  

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