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Pet Surgery

Specialized Pet Care in Dundas, Ontario

Governors Road Animal Hospital can perform a wide range of surgical procedures to keep your pet healthy. From routine surgeries like spaying and neutering to dealing with injuries, our veterinary clinic in Dundas is equipped to handle the needs of your pet.

Opting for pet surgery is a crucial decision for any pet owner, and we’re here to assist our clients through the process. The first step is understanding your pet’s needs to determine the best path forward. Our experienced veterinarians, high-tech equipment, safe anesthetics, and a clean environment are sure to make your pet’s surgery a safe and smooth experience.

Spaying & Neutering

Spaying and neutering are two essential surgical procedures recommended to the majority of pet owners. By having your pet spayed or neutered, you’ll help prevent the overpopulation of puppies and kittens in shelters. The sterilization process also prevents several health problems and can have behavioural benefits. For instance, mammary tumours, ovarian cysts, and uterine infections are common in adult female pets. Similarly, male dogs and cats face multiple testicular and prostate conditions, which can be life-threatening.

We’re determined to play our role in reducing unwanted pet litters in Ontario. Our veterinary clinic is well equipped to provide a comfortable experience for your puppy or kitten. Our team of experienced veterinarians can effectively perform the spaying or neutering procedure without complication. With our recovery plan, your pet will quickly heal without facing any side-effects or post-op complications.

Other Pet Surgeries

Pets develop health problems just like humans, and some of these conditions cannot be treated with medication. Whether it’s a foreign object stuck in your pet’s digestive tract, a skin lump, laceration problem, or hernia issue, our veterinary clinic in Dundas is here to serve your pet. We provide safe and effective treatments, no matter the situation. Consult our veterinary team now, and we will determine the best treatment plan for your dog or cat.

Why Choose Us?

If you can’t make time for annual or biannual dentistry appointments, look out for the following symptoms in your pet:

Modern Equipment

From advanced scanners to anesthesia machines, our veterinary clinic is equipped with the latest technology. This allows our veterinarians to make the most accurate assessments leading to better quality care for your pets.

Hygienic Environment

Beyond providing comfort to our patients, hygiene plays a critical role. It is important to provide a safe and sterile environment for any surgical procedure; this minimizes the chance of complications and will promote faster recovery.

Compassionate Care

Surgery is never easy, and that is why compassion is a crucial element of any treatment for both patient and client. We take all precautionary measures to lessen the patient’s pain and ensure a quick recovery. Our veterinary clinic is more than happy to cater to the specific needs of your pet.

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