Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Getting close to nature with your canine is one of the best experiences as a pet owner. It can be even more exciting for your four-legged best friend. Enthralled by fascinating sights and sounds, you’d see your dog wagging its tail along the hiking trails.

As much as it brings us great joy, pet camping is trickier than a solo camping trip. As such, it’s essential to take all the necessary precautionary measures. You must plan the camping carefully, pack wisely, and stay aware of campsite rules and regulations.

Read on for helpful pet camping tips to have a safe and memorable experience with your pups.


Planning Your Trip

  • Consider your dog’s personality while planning your trip. An energetic, adventurous dog would need a different trip than the one with a laid-back temperament.
  • Research dog-friendly campsites beforehand. Avoid taking your dogs to campgrounds with rugged terrains or wildlife like bears and cougars.
  • Train your dogs with the required commands to keep them off the campsite dangers. Make sure your furry companion promptly responds to “wait,” “stay,” and “leave it” commands.
  • Make your dog feel at home by taking their favourite toys, blanket, and bed.
  • Take plenty of water for your four-legged friend, especially if you aren’t sure if the campgrounds will have a fresh water supply.
  • Take your dog to a veterinary clinic in Dundas for a basic checkup before your trip. A camping trip can put unnecessary strain on unwell dogs.


Campsite Essentials

  • Never leave your dog unattended if you go away from the campsite. Either make sure your canine has a company while away or take it along.
  • Pack the kibble away when your dog finishes eating. Dog food, if left open, could attract potentially dangerous animals.
  • Keep your dog in the tent with you during the nighttime. Nighttime at campsites can accompany dangerous nocturnal predators.
  • Adhere to campground regulations regarding no-go/on-leash areas and keep your dog under control.
  • Be sure to pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in appropriate trash containers.
  • Keep your dog leashed around strangers. And if it’s a fiery young fellow, put on a muzzle as well.


Health and Safety

  • Ensure your dog’s microchip info and tags are up-to-date before leaving for pet camping.
  • Keep a first-aid kit that includes basics, including:
  • Antiseptics
  • Wraps
  • Braces/splint materials
  • Tweezers
  • Emergency fold-up blanket
  • Folding multitude
  • Bandage
  • Stay wary of your dog’s behaviour and be aware of signs of nervousness or agitation.
  • Protect your furry friend from ticks, fleas, and intestinal worms. You might want to take a de-skunk kit, dog shampoo, and tick-removal tool.
  • Know the nearest vet clinic’s directions, name, and contact number that accepts emergency cases.


Leashing Tips

  • Look up the leash laws of the campsite. Leash laws can differ depending on the park, campground, or trail.
  • If a campsite has a leash requirement, respect it and keep your dog leashed.
  • It is good to make a doggy zipline in the leashed area and leave your dog some space to roam around.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your dog since the leash can get tangled around tent poles, chairs, small trees, etc.
  • Keep your dog away from the campfire. Make adjustments according to the wind’s direction if your dog gets uncomfortable in the smoke.
  • Anchor the leash to a reliable and sturdy dog tie-out (preferably). If you can’t manage a tie-out, you might want to use tent poles, trees, etc.


Shopping Dog Gear

Here’s a checklist of dog gear that your furry friend would appreciate:

  • Dog backpack
  • Doggy sleeping pad
  • Food travel bag
  • Collapsible food bow
  • Paw protectors
  • Rain/cold-weather gear
  • Wipes and dog towels
  • Reflective vest/ LED dog collar
  • Dog life jacket


You wouldn’t want to overpack and burden yourself with unnecessary things. So, make sure everything you take serves an essential purpose.  

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