Fall Pet Care

Fall Pet Care

The leaves are changing colour, the temperature is dropping, and pumpkin spice is back in season. That can only mean one thing: fall is here! For pet owners, that also means preparing for the colder months. Read on for tips to take care of your pets during the autumn.

Ensure Your Pet Stays Warm

You’ll want to ensure your pet is warm and cozy as the temperature drops. That might mean investing in a pet heating pad or pet blanket. You can also get your pet a sweater or coat to wear when they go outside.

But Ontario’s temperature can vary considerably in fall, so you should be aware of the conditions before letting your pet outdoors. They can get anything from heatstroke to frostbite, so always keep an eye on the temperature and ensure they’re comfortable.

Protect Your Dog or Car From Bugs & Ticks

Bugs come indoors looking for a warm place to stay in the fall. And that means your pet is at risk of being bitten or stung.

You should check your pet for ticks after they’ve been outside. If you find one, remove it immediately and take your pet to the vet clinic if necessary. To keep the bugs and ticks away, ensure to get pet-safe insect repellent or tick and flea preventive spray.

Make Sure Your Pet is Active

As the weather gets cooler, your pet might be tempted to spend more time indoors. But it’s essential to ensure your pet is still getting enough exercise.

You might want to take your pet for walks in the morning or evening when it’s not too hot or cold. You can also get toys to encourage your fur baby to move around, like a pet ball or a scratching post. These activities will help keep them active.

Vist a Veterinarian in Dundas

Like humans, animals are susceptible to cold and flu during the fall. So, it’s vital to get your pet examined by a professional.

Also, don’t forget to take your furry fellow for pet diagnostics and ensure they’re up-to-date on all their vaccinations. It will help prevent them from getting sick and protect other animals if they come in contact with your pet. You can contact the veterinary clinic in Dundas for various pet care services.

Keep an Eye on Harmful Foods

Festivals like Halloween and Thanksgiving usually mean lots of food lying around. And while some human foods are harmless to pets, others can be toxic.

For example, chocolate is harmful to pets like cats and dogs. And Halloween festivities bring in a lot of chocolates and candies. So if you have Halloween candy lying around, ensure your pet can’t get to it.

The same goes for Thanksgiving dinner. Some foods like onions, garlic, and grapes can be toxic to pets, so try to keep these foods away from your pet.

Keep Their Coat Clean and Groomed

Your pet’s coat will grow thicker in the fall, so it’ll need more grooming. Make sure to brush their fur regularly to remove any knots or tangles. Also, trim their nails and shower them regularly. This will help to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Final Words

Fall is an excellent time for your pet to have outdoor and indoor fun. But you should also take care of your pets and ensure they’re healthy and safe this season. The quick tips we’ve provided should help you get started.

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